About Us

The Humbag brand is a response to the needs of today's women, dynamic, energetic, knowledgeable and demanding premium products, while maintaining reasonable prices,

But the best thing is that with one bag (BODY) choosing different accessories: handles, organizers, pendants, pumps you get practically infinite possibility of styling according to our advertising slogan:

"Humbag - the world of your imagination"


Humbag is a European brand with a Bavarian pedigree whose top models were designed in Italian stylist studios and increasingly by young Polish ASP graduates

Styling our brand not only enjoy the eye with its beautiful and unique appearance, but also are comfortable lasting and above all incredibly functional.

In the opinion of our customers is the only bag in which you see the whole contents of the opening, once you control the orderly mess of the interior.

Humbag bags are made from the best quality ultra lightweight EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), extremely durable and easy to maintain, and the production process is fully computerized which makes every product perfect.

We regularly introduce new models and many innovative solutions that greatly enhance the comfort of our products and look stunning!

These are not empty words! Our brand is appreciated by customers not only from Poland but also from Germany, England, Belgium, France, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia in many European countries that use only top-notch products.


Our young and dynamic team will do their best not only to provide you with your order, but also to help you with every step of the way.


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